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Summer Sabbatical

July 01, 2009 By: Nick Keenan Category: Uncategorized

The kids are here.

As the Cherubs program begins (we’re on day 2!) I’ll be going offline through the first week in August to:

Design six shows
Train 2 students to load in a complete rep sound system
Train 3 students to break apart a text and find / mix the perfect sounds to go with that text
Help train 9 students to be amazingly proactive and on-the-ball stage managers
Engage 156 students (along with 49 other jaw-droppingly awesome faculty) in a creative discussion that will form the bedrock of the best summer of their lives.

So, I gotsta go do that. There’s some fun stuff cooking that I can’t wait to announce.

But right now? I get to be here.

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