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A little more Action

October 16, 2008 By: Nick Keenan Category: Arts Education, Community Building


This is a guest post from Marni Keenan, a reformed scenic artist, and current visual artist, illustrator and bookmaker who will someday get her shit together enough to have her own web presence.

If you haven’t been introduced to yet, it is time!  If I were Nick, I’d give you a nice long rundown of how it works and why it’s cool; but I’m not, so I’ll sum it up in one word: Aces!


The quick-and-dirty summary:

1. Teachers (generally in high-poverty areas) propose projects (anything from “my kids need pencils to do homework” to “I want to take them on a class trip to Washington D.C.”).

2. Donors find a project they are interested in, and give it a few bucks.


Why so awesome? 

– You’re not giving blindly to a big organization who will distribute their money as they choose.

  It’s tax-deductible, obviously.

  You get thank-you emails from the teachers.

  If you give $100 or more to any one project, your thank-you email will be followed in a few weeks by a big snail-mail package with thank-you notes from the kids, and pictures of them using whatever you paid for.  Tougher people than I have gotten all teary-eyed over these packages.


So what the heck has this got to do with Theater for the Future?


Well, October is Blogger’s Challenge on Donor’s Choose. It’s a big old contest where bloggers choose sets of projects and encourage their readers to chip in, even if it’s only $5. There’s a leaderboard and prizes, and it’s becoming quite a thing in certain areas of the blogosphere.


Now, we’re a bit late to the game this year, but that’s no reason not to give up one day of $4 coffee or whatever your vice is, and help some middle-schoolers in Nevada learn a little somethin’ about technical theater! They need $823, no one’s given them anything yet, and their proposal won’t expire until February 14, 2009.  Plenty of time.   


Check out the Theater for the Future Donors Choose page in the sidebar, where you can donate to one of three fundraising projects for at-risk children to participate in theater and enrich their lives. Suggest projects to us, and Nick’ll add them there as well!


Need one more reason? How about as a thank-you for me not writing some trite ‘because kids are the future’ crap? 😉

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1 Comments to “A little more Action”

  1. Just a follow up to Marni here about why we’re taking this on.

    Yes, we all want a better government that supports a better education system that enriches our country’s children with the arts.

    We don’t have it.

    We need to fight for it.

    I help run a small theater company or two, and I’d love to earn some money to put on shows, but ultimately THIS is the kind of project I think we should all be concentrating on during economically difficult times.

    For another wonderful example of local theaters making a difference for at-risk communities, check out the upcoming “Show Us Your Cans” event at Will Act for Food…

    This Saturday, October 18th
    Cans For Cash foodraising event.
    including a performance of Frankenstein in Love
    Chemically Imbalanced Theatre
    1420 W. Irving Park

    This is the one night when the admission price to goes up to $30, but it’s also the only night you can pay entirely in food ($1 per item you donate, or any combination of cans and cash) and attend our swanky reception afterwards at Cordis Brothers Supper Club
    (1625 W. Irving Park).

    Seating is extremely limited! Call 773-327-9725 to reserve seats


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