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Nick KeenanNick Keenan is a Chicago-based theater artist, and his trades include sound design, web and graphics design, production management, and playwriting. He has designed over 75 productions in the Chicago area, is a sound operator at the Goodman Theatre, and redesigned the premiere free theater jobs search site,, which has helped theater designers, administrators and technicians find work in a difficult industry for over a decade. He has worked with dozens of theater companies ranging in size from 50-seat storefronts to LORT A Regional Theaters, and learned much from the management systems and styles of those theaters. (His ongoing relationships with those theaters also depend on a certain level of trust and confidentiality, so don’t expect any dirt.) Nick is passionate about theater infrastructure and its possibilities for the storefront theater community – and theater’s unique possibilities for the health and growth of individuals, communities, and the world. Thus, this blog.


The views expressed on Theater for the Future represent the views of Nick Keenan and Nick Keenan alone, not any theaters Nick may be, has been, or will be associated with in any time zone. Nick values honesty greatly (his own and yours) so if you feel like any comment on this blog offends you to the point of not hiring him for your theatrical project, please do leave a comment so that he can be aware of your dissenting opinions and perspectives. That’d be sweet.

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