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Getting Everyone to the Same Place for a Conversation

August 27, 2009 By: Nick Keenan Category: Uncategorized

Things fall apart. But that’s why we like to put them together.

There’s enough moving parts and friction in the Chicago theatrosphere this week to raise the temperature of Lake Michigan 2.4 degrees F.

If you’ve been interested in getting together with a bunch of local theaters to find what common ground looks like…

Now Seems to be a Good Time. It may not be convenient (who needs to launch a season? Raise your hand!) , but when is it?

Some Reading for you:

The New Colony calls for a Chicago Storefront Theater Summit

And some historical perspective worth paying attention to:

Don Hall & friends

Bob Fisher & friends

The RAT Conference & the Storefront Theater Model

And even further back:

What in the world would you call Chicago Theater?

Sharon Phillips Explains the Early History of the Storefront Theater Movement for You

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2 Comments to “Getting Everyone to the Same Place for a Conversation”

  1. Awesome. Thanks for starting the digging.

  2. I do want to be part of this, and it seems I’ve missed the early parts of the conversation and summit. I’ll try to catch up!


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