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Marta’s Back

August 20, 2008 By: Nick Keenan Category: Teachable Moments

I don’t tend to do much shilling for the work being done at my day job – I’m very proud to be even a small part of the production team at the Goodman, but talking about it in any kind of meaningful detail would likely get complicated. And anyway as a theatergoer I tend to be more vocal about the hidden jewels of theater and the moments most folks don’t see behind the scenes.

Which is why I am making an exception again for the Goodman’s ongoing Latino Theatre Festival, the grab bag of dramatic goodies curated by Henry Godinez, and especially the crown jewel of the fest, Marta Carrasco. Run – do not walk – to the nearest cellular phone or internet-ready device (oh wait, you found one!) and get tickets for J’arrive, which runs tomorrow through August 24th.

This lady changed what I thought was possible in theater.

I’m really thrilled that the amount of festival programming has been picking up at the GMan, because the atmosphere backstage gets thrilling for me – hectic, invigorating, and often improvised (yes, even at the Goodman), and it’s in that schedule that I’m most caught off guard and surprised by the work that I’m operating on a daily basis.

And when Marta arrived with her crew of Catalan Pirates, er, technicians, our language barriered antics and cross-cultural collaboration backstage were just… well, GaGa is a show like Famous Door’s Cider House Rules or that over-the-top Christmas Carol down at Dallas Theater Center where me and my future wife preset ridiculously over-flocked rotating snowmen and alpine trees… I will remember it for a long time as one that forged improbable friendships. And Aiguardent, well, that might just have been my favorite all-time moment of theater.

So for god’s sake. I’m not just saying ‘come see this’ for my own good. Do not miss.

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  1. Stephanie Farina says:

    I have to second you on Marta. It is truly incredible. You comments on the tech process could not be anymore true. The greatest thing about theatre, especially in tech, is that it is a language and is understood internationally. A type of communication is created and used even in the short time of load in and tech.

    I am however very envious of you in the fact that you are at a level where improved tech and the stress can be invigorating. In hindsight it is fun and allows ones creativity to flourish, but I cannot wait till I am at the level where I can enjoy the stress in the moment. Where my knowledge can lead me and I simply becomes ful!

    But seriously anyone reading this, you HAVE to see this work. It is very different and more visually stimulating that anything I have ever seen!


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