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Montage for a Day ruled by Chaos

December 02, 2009 By: Nick Keenan Category: In a Perfect World

Yup, been having technical difficulties with the site all day. I have taken one too many forced tea times today while waiting for my computer or the server or the network or the alignment of the planets to behave in some kind of semi-predictable way.

So to celebrate, here’s another piece of bloggy performance art to help voodoo out the bad server daemons. This one is at least in part h/t @greyzelda.

Watch and listen to this at half volume:

While also listening to this:

While watching this:

Remember, you’ll need to start the album when the tiger roars to really get them to sync properly.

This is the sound of a thought.

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2 Comments to “Montage for a Day ruled by Chaos”

  1. Nice! :-)

  2. Three cheers for Madness!


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