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February 01, 2008 By: Nick Keenan Category: Collaboration, Community Building, projects

Relational Databases. Ha!

Dan Granata gets it. Let’s help him out.

Wanted: Web application developers on a pro bono basis to collaboratively develop industry-changing applications. CakePHP, MySQL and/or Ruby on Rails experience and an enduring love for Chicago theater a must.

Update: Well, it’s late, but thanks to Dan’s diligent list-making and some other contributions, the Wikipedia page on Theatre in Chicago is updated. I tried to both keep some easy-bake categories in place (after all, the purpose of the entry is both accuracy and ease of data retrieval for non-insiders) and represent for as many companies and venues as possible. That said, I’m sure there are some mistakes.

That’s the beauty of a wiki. Now you can go check out your own theater and make sure you’re in the right spot.

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