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Those Who Do Not Learn from the Publicity Photos of the Past are Doomed to Repeat Them

June 11, 2009 By: Nick Keenan Category: Teachable Moments

It’s that time of the year when a new crop of companies pop up in Chicago, as ensembles of young artists graduate from colleges and form the next big thing, eager to announce a season of work. (I think we’ve counted 12 this year?)

Benno Nelson, a company member of The New Colony (who very well may be the next big thing that formed 2 years ago, or as I like to call them “an annual that managed to pollinate into a perennial”) is already interrogating the value of this particularly short and internal kind of life cycle.

Some of them *will* be the next big thing. But all of them will get there after exploring what came before.

So, with that in mind, I invite you all, young and old, to check out this blog hat/tipped my way by Simon Ogden.

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7 Comments to “Those Who Do Not Learn from the Publicity Photos of the Past are Doomed to Repeat Them”

  1. Where did that hand on the shoulder come from? Bizarre!

  2. I like the new look, sir. Also, the New Leaf season looks great!

  3. Thanks! But… Whatchoo talkin’ bout? We haven’t announced NL season yet, getting close. Unless you’re thinking that this is my way of hinting that we’re doing the Crucible with a directorial concept of “pointing accusingly”.

  4. Wow. Ok, I *seriously* thought I saw that you were doing a *clown version* of Long Days Journey into Night staring Dan Granata as James Tyrone. Now, writing that out, it sounds weird, but man, I was pretty convinced about it…I need to sleep more.

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am amused, Benno.

    No, I can honestly say: We are not doing Long Day’s Journey into Clown. Nor are we doing any of @travisbedard’s other suggestions, like Brighton Beach Memoirs.

  6. Wow. I guess I’m too new to twitter to get sarcastic tweets. Well, there’s always learning the hard way…

    What about Brighton Clown Memoirs?

  7. Great post. it Useful as your stated…


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