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Where do I know them from?

February 11, 2009 By: Nick Keenan Category: CTDB

Neat new trick you can do with the Chicago Theater Database. So neat, let’s do it on your snazzy mobile device.

Oh crap. You’re talking to your pals and you cant think of that show so and so was working on, or what company they work with. What was that show? DAMN IT!

Oh right. We know how to fix this. In our mobile web browser, let’s key in their full name as a URL with the path “artist”. As in:

And now: Go there.

Oh right. There they are. No searching required.

Oh! Of course. He’s the sound designer for Touch. Doesn’t that close soon? Let’s click through.

Oh crap, that closes this week!

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3 Comments to “Where do I know them from?”

  1. Awesome.

    Two things though. If you enter a name that isn’t in the database, you get a 404 page (instead of a “Sorry, that artist doesn’t exist in the database” messagE). Second, there are some people will some pretty strange names (including my own last name). Got any methods for saying “You requested Nick Keanen. Did you mean Nick Keenan?” or whatever..

  2. Will work on the 404 page error… which will likely just be a redirect to the artists page. The name suggestion feature will be great, but it will have to be a later priority.

  3. have you tinkered with google custom search?


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